Accommodation in Split

Participants are invited to book their own accommodation.

Split  is a popular place to visit, which means that it has a great variety of accommodation possibilities – from expensive and luxurious, to inexpensive and modest. With an excellent infrastructure and old town architecture, Split is merely breathtaking. It is the ideal travel destination for vacation, offering mesmerizing beaches, rich nightlife, and plenty of affordable accommodation. It's the perfect time to enjoy new things, to have a few cocktails, enjoy the beach, maybe even try your gambling luck for free at some online casino site. Overall, Split has so much to offer you and fulfill your expectations.

Book a hotel room with Split university special rates. This solution is most likely cheaper than the previous alternatives – you call up or email a hotel and say that you are a participant of the SLE conference at Split university, and refer to the Split University rate mentioned on our website.

Book a hostel room. Hostels are cheap, clean with good locations, and a variety of choices.

Book your own hotel room. If you have special requirements (a special location, bringing family keeping a pet) you can book your own hotel. You can search the Web for other hotels in Split. Here are two helpful sites:, These hotels usually have everything you need, bars, restaurants, pool, fitness center, and wifi that will allow you to get the latest news and to play for free your favorite live real money games in online casinos.

Book your own hostel room. See the folowing website:

Please book the hotel as soon as possible since there are many other events taking place in Split in September!!