Conference venue


Šoltanska 2, 21 000 Split

Conference venue

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The conference will take place in the  newly opened congress center of the School of Medicine (Multimedia center) located in Ulica Ivana pl. Zajca bb, 21000 Split, Croatia.

How to reach conference locations: (see Google maps).
Note: The building is quite new and might not be seen on Google in its present form.

  • A=Conference venue
  • B= Radisson Blu


Conference Catering, Radisson Blu

Put Trstenika 19, Split 21000, Croatia

Teas and Coffees: Tea/ Coffee and biscuits will be served outside the lecture rooms at the times specified on the conference programme.
Lunches: Buffet lunches, included in the fees, will be served in the hotel: Radisson Blu, Put Trstenika 19, Split 21000, Croatia (400 meters from the conference venue).